Recent Projects

  • Custom web application for a major manufacturing company
    For a leading manufacturer of forged products in the aerospace and power generation industry, VNet developed a die tracking and management application. The project was divided into logical phases including an extensive Analysis and Design phase. The overall goal of the project was to develop improved tracking and management of dies used in the forging process. The key business goals included:

    • Improving the tracking of die set maintenance, costs, and repair history;
    • Automating the measurements of the costs associated with the repair of die sets;
    • Enhancing the planning and forecasting of the use, and the repair of die sets;
    • Reducing the downtime related to unplanned failure in die set use;
    • Assisting the Die Shop in planning and managing their workload.

    The project resulted in lowering the overall cost of the business; it improved the operational efficiency in terms of quality, cycle time, and productivity; and it established a more standardized maintenance support model
  • Custom software application for major distribution company
    Designed and developed a custom software application for a major distribution company specializing in time-sensitive product. Major components included in the application are: CRM, Accounts Receivable, POS Data Integration, Data Retrieval, Accounts Payable, Credit Card Processing, Inventory & Shipping Management, Integrated off-site Warehouse Web Interface and General Ledger. 24+ million records were converted from the legacy system (MS FoxPro) into the new application. This application - which interfaced with the Corporate Oracle Financial application - was developed in .NET using SQL Server database.
  • Custom web application for eJustifyIt! - The Leader In ROI and Value Justification For Sales Executives Worldwide
    Designed, developed and continue to provide software maintenance for a custom web application for the eJustifyIt! Program ( This application includes ROI calculator, customer proposal and CRM. Native applications on Windows, PocketPC and the Internet also included. Data synchronization can occur between the various versions of the program. Technologies used in this project are ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, COM, VB, C++, HTML, Java, XML, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

    VNet is currently managing, developing and testing an upgraded version of the eJustifyIt! application using the latest technologies (ASP.NET, Infragistics, SQLServer 2005).
  • Custom test preparation application for CAIA exam
    Managed, designed, developed, tested and continue to provide IT customer support for custom testing application used by accounting professionals. Both desktop and web versions of the software were developed, as well as an administrative application which allows the client to maintain their database of test questions and customer information. Technologies used in this project are C# .NET, WinForms, WebForms, Infragistics, AJAX, SQL Server 2005, web service, and MathML.
  • Online Vehicle Inventory Search Engine
    Developed an online search engine site for an auto company in upstate New York. Website provides an avenue to search new and used vehicle inventory for 30+ local dealers. Technologies used in this project are Java, struts, servlets, JSP, and MySQL.
  • Custom application for Powder Coating Industry
    Developed a custom desktop application which includes Customer Management, Part Management, Job Quoting and Job Tracking capabilities. Technologies used in this project are C#.NET, SQL Server 2005, Infragistics, and SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition.
  • Planogram software
    Designed and developed a planogram application for configuring product placement on store shelves and calculating placement costs. This application is a Java application with a Java and MySQL backend.
  • Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC Development
    Ported a Pocket PC 2003 field service application to Windows Mobile 5 Motorola Q SmartPhone and Palm Treo 700w Pocket PC devices.
  • Palm application for large Semi-conductor Manufacturer
    Developed a Palm application which is used to control optical channel monitoring (measuring fiber optic cables). The result was a handheld measuring device which replaced the previous device (required a laptop computer). This is a C++ application running on Palm OS5.
  • Radiation dosimetry application
    Ported a complex radiation dosimetry application from VB to a Java desktop application. Technologies employed include Java, Swing, MySQL, and Java WebStart.
  • Wireless application for telephone industry
    Designed, developed and tested a wireless workforce application which is currently in use by telephone repair technicians at Telkom South Afrika and Bell South (Cingular). Symbol and Windows CE capable devices were the target receptors of this application. Technologies employed included C/C++, DHTML, and JavaScript.
  • Web portal
    Designed and implemented a web portal for the for a Polopt engineering application including user security and on-line forms. Technologies employed include JSP, Servlets, and Interbase SQL.
  • Online medical catalog
    Developed an on-line application for a medical institution that allows for the cataloging and research of sudden cardiac death pathology data. Technology includes J2EE (Java, JSP, Servlets) and MySQL.
  • Medical patient database for Physician Groups
    Developed a patient database for physician groups which maintains compliance with Medicare and prints out the necessary forms. This is an ASP.NET / SQL Server 2000 based application
  • Dispatch Control Application for large Food Manufacturer
    Developed a yard management/dispatch control application designed to manage distribution trucking activity at individual sites. This application is being phased-in across the country.
  • UI for a WML browser
    Developed the UI for a WML browser on RIM pagers including Blackberry; later ported to Palm OS; built test suite for WML browser; C/C++. Designed, built developed, and tested verification software for device driver; Windows 2000; C/C++.
  • Custom HR application
    Designed and developed an application to calculate and assess legal liability and compliance for various HR concerns (including sexual harassment, discrimination, and performance management). Application developed using JSP, Servlet, J2EE, MySQL, Linux and JavaScript.
  • Firmware for a handheld optical based security device
    Microchip PIC microcontroller development (18F252). Developed the firmware for a handheld optical based security device.
  • Instant credit application for a large bank
    Instant on-line consumer credit card application and approval. This is a secure application tied to a physical client computer. Back office communicates securely to multiple banks and credit reporting agencies behind the scenes. Technologies employed include ActiveX, JSP, Servlets, HTML, Solaris, and IBM DB2. Later ported from Solaris / DB2 to Linux / MySQL.
  • Data control application
    Designed, developed, and maintained a collection of data acquisition / control applications for a variety of magnetic measurement equipment. This is a Win32 C++ development.
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